It’s well known that wild horses run free across Nevada’s landscape, and the state possesses a vibe of freedom and wildness of spirit that is often infused into its art and music as well.  It’s no surprise then that Haley and the Comet delivers unbridled and powerfully original music in the rock-pop genre.

Lead singer and songwriter Haley Bond takes this indie-band’s travels full on into a deep pool of emotion and holds the audience there with her from start to finish. No stranger to the stage, Bond and her band deliver a sharp and skillful live performance that draws audiences in from a position of passive listening to becoming enmeshed with the music.

Bond’s songwriting instincts are spot-on; from the hauntingly heartfelt to the tribal and to the rebellious, the life-inspiring punch comes across beautifully in the intricate weave of soulful lyrics and smoothly layered melodies.  Her vocals, both silky and powerful, lift the well-crafted lyrics, handling booming anthem rock songs with the same sleek dexterity as soulful ballads.   Despite the complexity of the band’s sound which moves effortlessly from subtle and introspective to rebellious and provocative, there’s nothing complex about the effect their music can have on an audience: it simply draws out emotions that may be different from person to person, but are genuine, sometimes raw, and deep running for almost everyone.

There’s no doubt these songs will get into your blood.  They play to the heart, spirit, and mind all at the same time.  What Haley and the Comet creates certainly hits that mark with ease. The music, like Bond herself, is the real deal.


Across The Desert Sky

Haley and the Comet

"Across the Desert Sky" single coming out May 20th 2022



Phone: 775.322.1538

Admission: Free

Rated: G - General Audiences
Wingfield Park
2 S. Arlington Ave.
Reno, NV 89501

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